We focus on delivering the best quality service to all of our community.

Our Quality Policy is built around us being committed to exceeding client expectations by providing the best quality service to meet our client’s needs. We focus on delivering a quality service to all of our community – clients, their families, our referrers and allied health professionals, suppliers and our own staff.

Quality Policy Statement

Goldbridge is a Not-for-Profit community-based Charity specialising in the provision of rehabilitation treatment services.

Goldbridge receives funding from both State and Commonwealth Health Departments and is committed to meeting our obligations to our funders by embedding a Quality Management System into our core business to ensure best practice principles underpin service delivery to achieve the aim and objectives of Goldbridge and that the service operates within relevant evidenced based guidelines and under Continuous Quality improvement principles.

Goldbridge is committed to exceeding client expectations by providing the best quality service to meet our client’s needs.

Goldbridge is committed to incorporating continuous improvement processes to provide best practice in our service delivery to clients, stakeholders and funding bodies.

Our core business is the provision of residential, transitional and continuing care including, rehabilitation and support services in relation to drug dependency (alcohol and other drugs), mental health conditions as well as Community Health Promotion services.

We develop quality awareness through process improvements, training, measurements, evidence, and development of our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Our Quality Framework and Objectives include:

  • Our commitment to quality
  • Quality is accepted as the responsibility of all staff
  • Staff and volunteers are trained, supported and resourced appropriately
  • Processes are in place to ensure the consistent collection and analysis of data and information
  • Policy, procedures, guidelines and forms are available for staff on a central document register
  • Verifying and validating both existing and new program functions
  • Researching improvements to add to the quality of our service delivery
  • Help to define and improve our service delivery through involvement with our service users
  • Conducting internal quality audits and management review for an ongoing evaluation and improvement of our quality system
  • Critical, honest and timely self-review and evaluation linked with reflection
  • Commitment to continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

To achieve the objectives, Goldbridge is committed to maintaining a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001-2015.