Goldbridge believes that family support is vital to an effective recovery process and acknowledges that there are significant challenges for families who have loved ones experiencing high incidence of alcohol/drug use and associated problems.

Goldbridge was established in 1988 with the vision of minimising the level of social and family dysfunction, disease, injury and premature death, primarily associated with dependency on alcohol and other drugs.

The family support component of the Goldbridge program is provided to each individual, tailored to their needs to better understand how to manage addiction/mental health problems in their unique family setting. Strategies and education enables our clients to reduce the impact their situation may have on their families.

We provide:
  • Support for family pre-admission.

  • An introduction for the family to the Therapeutic Community model.

  • Family assessments with clients so that we can assist them with communication and relationship skills.

  • Education and information on family systems, drug addiction and mental health issues/behaviours.

  • Skills development for clients in communication, parenting, anger management and self-care.

  • Joint case reviews with DOCS including support in reviews of child safety orders and matters arising.

  • Facilitation of conferencing video links for Case reviews and support to develop electronic story books.

  • Support for reunification with family members.

  • Contacts with local professionals and agencies for external family support referrals.

  • Family visits and Family Day events.

How do I have contact with Family Members?

All family members/significant others are welcome to make contact or attend visits/family days with client’s approval e.g. parents, children, grandparents. A significant other includes partners and friends or anyone with whom there is an enduring supportive relationship and a common goal. Family members can visit with prior notice on Saturdays or Sundays.

At Goldbridge we believe our clients have a greater chance of success if they have support from friends and family, before, during and after treatment.