The need to provide information and assistance is always important to Goldbridge, therefore we are committed to providing a service that is accessible as much as possible.

Goldbridge utilises phone and video- conferencing techniques to support E-Health where possible. E-Health enquiries from the community are always welcome – please contact us on (07) 5503 1255.

1. Enquiries

For your first contact with Goldbridge, phone us on (07) 5503 1255. Our non-judgemental and caring professional team will answer your enquiries about our Programs and provide you with information about our services.

2. Intake & Assessment

If you are interested in admission to the Goldbridge Residential Program, you will be required to complete an assessment by contacting us on (07) 5503 1255. The assessment is arranged by direct request by the prospective client. If you are unable to attend in person we will conduct assessment via E-Health – phone or video-conferencing.

3. Continuing Care

Counselling sessions are available in person, via phone or via video-conferencing. Call (07) 5503 1255 for an appointment