More information on our program is provided here in our FAQs.

The answers to our frequently asked questions were provided by past clients and families based on what they saw as important to know before coming to Goldbridge.

The day starts at 6am. There is a morning walk, group therapy and education sessions, independent living skills groups and an afternoon walk each day. The program finishes at 8.30pm with lights out at 10.00pm.

In a Therapeutic Community, the majority of therapy is received in group settings and from your peers who provide you with honest, behaviour-based feedback.

Experienced AOD Workers facilitate group processes. The Goldbridge psychologist provides counselling and support to clients as needed.

Your CentreLink payment goes into a supervised trust fund account and you receive a weekly allowance for personal expenses.

Come prepared with enough personal resources and toiletries to last three weeks as it sometimes takes this long for enough CentreLink money to build up in your account.

There is no borrowing, buying or lending money. Settle all bills, loans or direct debits or put them on hold prior to admission, or allocate someone to take care of them. Self-funded clients must be two weeks in advance for treatment at all times.

You will be asked about your medications during assessment. On admission day the Goldbridge Nurse will conduct a full medical assessment, don’t forget to bring your medications and prescriptions with you. A Visiting Medical Officer will assess your medication needs and prescriptions will be filled as required. You must advise the Intake and Assessment team of any injuries/illnesses prior to admission.

The TC has a set menu. If you have any special dietary needs these must be disclosed and discussed at assessment to ensure your needs are met.

All residents are on restrictions for the first two weeks but are still allowed contact with their children. This can be telephone, Skype/zoom or letter. You can also have a visit with your children on the weekends. Your case worker and buddy will explain this in more detail when you arrive. Goldbridge also offers the opportunity to record you reading stories to give to your children.

The Therapeutic Community liaises with the local 12 Step groups to support residents having information, as this is an excellent post treatment support process for clients.

Treats can be purchased/consumed only on weekends. Haircuts can be planned for your ‘on leave’ hours as you progress through the program. No mobile phones are allowed in the Therapeutic Community, other than when on leave towards the end of the program. Magazines are not allowed, however, some reading materials may be approved.

Not unless you let them know. We will not confirm or deny your presence in the TC to anyone unless you have given us written permission to do so, or if we are required to do so under Queensland or Federal Law.

The Therapeutic Community prohibits access to alcohol for all residents in its program.

  • Any alcohol, non-prescribed psychoactive substance, or illicit drugs/drug paraphernalia
  • Any item that could be considered to be referring to alcohol or drug related inferences
  • Expensive or irreplaceable personal items (jewellery, watches etc)
  • Any item that is a weapon or that could be used as such (e.g. knives, letter openers, pencil sharpeners etc)
  • Any item containing alcohol e.g. mouth wash, hand sanitiser, nail polish remover
  • Motor vehicles, any food items, any pets
  • Coffee/tea/washing powder (these are supplied)
  • iPods or speakers
  • No smart watches with internet capacity
  • Any pornographic material
  • Current Medicare and Healthcare card
  • Personal resources to last 3 weeks
  • Towels, closed in shoes/runners, casual footwear, swimmers, hat, 1 bag/suitcase (only) of clothes
  • Toiletries – roll on deodorant (no sprays), razor, soap, shampoo, alcohol free mouthwash and/or nail polish remover, sanitary needs
  • If you practice a religion you may bring one copy of your faiths religious book
  • Nail/hair clippers, mobile phone and charger are kept in lock-up
  • Optional – MP3 player with no camera or internet capability