Assessment Service seeks to identify an individual’s needs in overcoming Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) dependence, we then match personal circumstances with the most appropriate treatment.

The Initial Contact

The initial contact is a brief screening. (approximately 10 mins). The person seeking assistance is to contact Goldbridge on (07) 5503 1255 during this phone conversation basic information will be gathered. An Intake & Assessment Worker will contact you within four (4) working days to arrange a face to face or a phone interview.

The Assessment Interview

Complete the Assessment Interview (approximately one to two hours) at the Goldbridge Corporate Office or via telephone. After the interview you may be asked to provide information to the Intake & Assessment Worker.

Maintain regular phone contact following the Assessment Service.

Goldbridge liaises closely with local services and GPs, and supports direct transition from the Withdrawal Service to Residential care through the Goldbridge Residential Therapeutic Community (TC) program.

If Goldbridge is unable to assist you directly, we will attempt to refer you to a service which may better suit your needs.

Goldbridge Entry Criteria

  • Age: 21 to 65+ years
  • Agreement to abide by the basic Therapeutic Community (TC) program rules:
    • The use of Alcohol and other drugs is prohibited.
    • Violence or threats of violence are not tolerated.
    • Steal property from residents and Goldbridge is prohibited.
    • Sexual relationships and activity with residents are not acceptable.
  • Be abstinent and have completed a withdrawal program (either in a withdrawal facility or on a medically assisted withdrawal program from your treating GP). Our Intake & Assessment Workers will assist you with this and assess your Withdrawal needs.
  • You need to discuss options with the Intake & Assessment Worker if you do not have a current Medicare and Healthcare card.
  • The admission fee (notified during the assessment interview) is payable prior to admission.
  • Ability to pay fortnightly contribution to therapy payments (eg. Centrelink Payment).

Admission Planning

Your affairs

It is important to begin planning your affairs to come and stay at Goldbridge for your recovery. If you have difficulties with these tasks, Goldbridge staff members are available to help, simply phone us.

The types of affairs that require planning are:

  • Work or study
  • Self-employment
  • Informing friends, family
  • Informing age appropriate children
  • Someone caring for pets
  • Financial issues and bills
  • Legal concerns
  • Packing for your time away
Withdrawal management

Your withdrawal is an important part of the process. A withdrawal in a formal withdrawal program is recommended if our assessment team requires it and refers you.

If your withdrawal is not as complex, you may be able to complete this with an outpatient service such as AODS or your GP. In this case you will be required to provide evidence of a full withdrawal by completing an alcohol and other drug/urine testing. This must be discussed with the Intake & Assessment Team, as an inpatient withdrawal may be more suitable.

Click here for the closest Withdrawal Units to Goldbridge.

What to bring and what not to bring

Please do not bring:

  • Valuables e.g. jewellery or other expensive personal items
  • Knives or items that could be used as weapons
  • Aerosols Spray, including hair spray and deodorant spray.
  • Motor vehicles
  • Coffee or tea(supplied)
  • Washing powder (supplied)
  • Food items (supplied)
  • Pets or animals
  • iPads, laptops and speakers
  • No wifi connectable units and devices

Click here to download the leaflet for the Allowed Music Players at Goldbridge.

Get Ready For Admission

On the day of admission please have your:

  1. Centerlink benefit (CRN) card
  2. Medicare card, if you have lost these we can support you in contacting Medicare to obtain these details, however please bring Identification with you.
  3. Adequate casual modest clothing (maximum 1 large bag and 1 small bag)
  4. Closed toe shoes and thongs (sneakers are preferable)
  5. If you are on medications bring a one month supply of your medications in their original containers including labels with your name on it.
Centerlink Benefit Contribution

Your financial contribution toward participation in the program will be discussed throughout the assessment interview. The resident’s Centerlink payment goes into a supervised trust fund account and will receive a weekly allowance for personal expenses. Come prepared with enough personal resources to last approximately 3 weeks, as it sometimes takes this long for Centerlink benefit to build up into your account.

There is no borrowing, buying or lending money.

Settle all bills, loans or direct debits or put them on hold, or possibly allocate someone to do this for you prior to admission.