The aim of the Transition-to-Community Program is to facilitate a safe and successful integration back into the community and daily life.

The program provides supervised and comfortable shared accommodation in rental properties within the local Southport community. The program is coordinated by a worker who visits the houses regularly, and the co-operative living situation encourages participants to engage in positive peer group interactions and support.

The Transition-to-Community program is a semi structured and case managed program for graduates of the TC residential program.

The target group are those clients who are not ready, at this stage, to re-integrate back to family or live autonomously. Clients develop a treatment plan and attend case management sessions to review their treatment plan and update their relapse prevention plan. The program focuses on embracing a healthy outlook to life. Individuals move through phases of case-management support, which are progressively reduced according to a negotiated treatment plan, as higher levels of independent living skills are attained.