Goldbridge has built a reputation amongst past and current clients as the key program on the Gold Coast that achieves real and sustainable recovery outcomes.

The following testimonials give evidence to the successful work that Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services provides.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

With the help of Goldbridge, I have, for me, a good amount of time without the use of any alcohol or drugs. I drank from a young age, progressing to a daily user of alcohol or drugs by age 15, then amphetamines and hallucinogens by age 17. This pattern continued until age 43 when I came to Goldbridge. I’d been in long-term psychosis, diagnosed schizophrenic, was suicidal and in a psych ward. And I didn’t know how to stop using or even if I could. I also didn’t know I was suppressing an abusive childhood.

Goldbridge provided a safe environment to start unpacking and understanding my drug use and all the behavior that goes along with addiction. I was supported through this process by my peers, Goldbridge staff and in-house psychologists, I needed all of these.

I also completed the transition program, which helped me slowly integrate back into the community safely and continue to use the Continuing Care counsellor as part of my ongoing recovery. This whole process has helped me have a relationship with myself, to work through childhood trauma, develop coping strategies and healthy supporting relationships. I have been free of any substance, including prescription drugs, since going into Goldbridge. I have rebuilt my relationship with my sons, coparenting with their mother, I am an active member in several communities not recovery oriented as well as the recovery community. I am currently studying and working casually in the area in which I am studying.

Participating in the Goldbridge program has given me freedom from the cycle of addiction, the gift of choice and slowly allowed the real me to be seen.

SB, 2022

I’m a 36 year old mother of one who grew up in your classic suburban Australian family. I knew I was loved and had all my material needs met. I used substances somewhat manageably until my mid 20s when my life began to unravel. At 30 I had lost custody of my daughter and was living in my own version of hell. My days were full of drugs, violence and heartache; I hated myself. By 34 I was homeless bouncing between violent men.

That is when I found Goldbridge.

I was very unwell. It was the first time in many years that I felt safe and not judged. I first learned how to look after myself again, how to take pride in who I am. I also learned that the validation and acceptance I’d been seeking from violent men was always inside of me and I could give it to myself by practising self-love, self-care and having boundaries with myself and others. I also learnt the value of giving back to my community and sharing my story, but most importantly, I learnt to listen to others and accept them for who they are.

Today I’m 2 years clean and have my child back in my life. I work, I have beautiful relationships and I like who is looking back at me in the mirror. I was given the confidence and tools to take responsibility for myself and my situation and that in turn, has empowered me beyond anything I had ever imagined. I’m eternally grateful for this incredibly unique service and it will remain one of the most important and significant periods of my life.

SD, 2022

I’m very grateful for my experience of doing the program at Goldbridge, it has given me my life back and it’s a blessing. I was almost homeless struggling with day to day living suffering from alcohol addiction, depression and anxiety. With the support of TC members and staff, I was able to re-educate and reaffirm my life goals.

PM, 2022

Having been to other rehabs in my time, I had given up hope. The one month turn around didn’t go deep enough into why I used substances in the first place. I thought that every rehab was the same and I was incurable; well, that falsehood was shattered with Goldbridge.

The personal growth, the emotional IQ and insight into yourself that you gain through the Goldbridge team is bar none. It can be tough and wearing, but it’s what’s needed to live again! Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor. I now can weather most storms in terms of my substance use and am finally a functional member of society. Studying, working, and paying bills, who knew! Owe it all and my life to Goldbridge.

MB, 2022

For several years I was relapsing and at the same time, experiencing debilitating depression. I had recently been released from prison and was at a crossroads – either return to prison or seek help. My family and the thought of my children encouraged me to choose to come to Goldbridge.

I spent six months in the TC supported by my peers who had been in the same boat as well as a compassionate and caring case worker. There I learned about my feelings and underlying issues – the shame and guilt and grief and loss. I learned how to cope and express myself emotionally and came to believe in myself and that I was worth saving.

The next six months I spent in Transition – this is where I got to put into practise all I had learnt, in a structured way, whilst being gently guided in the right direction. Today I co-parent my two teenage boys, have full time work, and along with having hobbies and interests, I am a happy and productive member of society.

BH, 2022

I am 38. I have been in and out of rehabs since 2011.

When I came to Goldbridge I had a head-full of recovery but no practical skills to be able to apply it to my life, nor did I realise that drugs were the maladaptive coping mechanism because of the trauma I suffered as a child, which led to limiting core beliefs which ultimately kept me from being well.

For several months I was angry and fought the system trying to do it my own way. I eventually left and it was only then, that I realised how much I needed to change. I pleaded to come back and when I did, I applied patience and humility and started to learn about my behaviours and defensive mechanisms, how to get vulnerable and talk about my feelings and my fears.

I learnt how to listen and how to support others and was loved back to life. In Transition I learned how to apply these practical life skills in real life scenarios. I commenced volunteering in the TC as well as studying and rebuilding my life.

I have now been in recovery for nearly three years. I am working and attending Continuing Care Counselling as well as being a productive member of my community. I owe my life to Goldbridge and would highly recommend their program.

RZ, 2022

I am in my 30’s and have struggled with addiction for a substantial portion of my life. During that time, I lost contact with my family and didn’t know who I was as a person anymore. I had tried every other way to get clean for 10 years, but it wasn’t until I felt like I’d lost everything and was sleeping on the streets that I realised I needed serious help.

I didn’t know anything about Goldbridge before I went there but I thank God that I ended up there. It gave me a safe and supportive environment to be able to face my demons. I can’t thank them enough and am proud of the man I have become. I also have everything back in my life that I had lost. The staff had life experience which helped me when processing the reasons behind my drug use.

I am free of the compulsion to use drugs and I can’t thank Goldbridge enough.

KH, 2021

After 30 years of self-destructive drinking and amphetamine use, not to mention a serious gambling problem, I hit absolute rock bottom and admitted I needed help.

I’d travelled the country running from myself and hurting everyone in my path. Even my family had turned their back on me.

I turned to Goldbridge for help. It was there that I learned why I used and what I needed to do to change; how to live and maintain a long and fulfilling life without drugs. It’s been over twelve months now since I left Goldbridge and I have not used drugs, drank or gambled. My family are back in my life, I have an awesome group of friends that I do amazing activities with regularly and I am studying for a new career.

For the first time in 47 years of life, I have the ‘Big Picture’ in my head!

JW, 2021

This is my story. I decided to come to rehab after experiencing unbearable pain.

Within three years I had gone from being a recreational user to an alcoholic – I felt like a monster. My sleep was constantly interrupted and I spent a lot of time screaming into my pillow or thinking of ways to end it all in a way that would look like an accident. I felt completely alone. If I didn’t have drugs ready when I woke, I would experience severe panic attacks that left me sweating and shaking. No one around me cared if I lived or died, they only cared about what they could get out of me. I was erratic and violent. I was too sick to see my children and was losing touch with them.

Whilst at Goldbridge I explored that lifestyle and why I ended up there. I learnt how to be a confident, respectful and mature adult. I even know how to feel empathy and compassion. I am eternally grateful to Goldbridge because I believe that I have the strength and understanding to find my way through any situation.

MM, 2021

My story began when at 30 I was introduced to drugs socially. It immediately took over my life and within 4 years I had lost myself, my family and my friends and it took me to a life of crime.

My life plummeted and prison became a part of my life and I served numerous sentences. 3 children to 3 mothers; Christmas and birthdays lost- I had almost lost myself and given up and accepting that this was my life. I entered the drug court program which offered, not judgment like the criminal system.

I did enter the Goldbridge program and found it offered a safe place, staff who knew and understood me and the concept made sense. Prison was not the place for me for any longer. I finished the program and followed this with the transition program which allowed me to work on my family relationships and building up their trust.

My family have been my rock and getting myself back which required earning their trust and playing a role in their lives. I graduated the Drug Court program, finished Parole and Probation, completed TAFE course and now in full-time employment. I’m grateful to have such loving and supportive family, blessed that Goldbridge exists.

RF, 2018

Prior to commencing a program at Goldbridge my life was a mess!! 25 years of drinking, drugs and depression had left me emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually bankrupt.

Progressing through the program, I began to realize my potentials and learnt valuable skills to help me cope with the ups and downs of everyday life; without having to escape into a bottle.

After completing the program, I embarked on a University Degree in social science and started part-time work. I have obtained my Bronze Medallion to become a volunteer life saver. I have now completed my degree and started honours, I continue to work as Administrator, am actively involved in lifesaving, planning to run the gold coast 24km marathon, financially secure, a positive roll model and supportive mother to my son, who has been my inspiration and my motivation along this journey.

It hasn’t always been easy to achieve these things, but I have overcome obstacles and grown as a person. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my life could be so fulfilling but thanks to everything I learnt at Goldbridge and the amazing support from friends and family, I feel like nothing is beyond my reach and my dreams can be realities.

CF, 2018

I am a 38-year-old recovering Alcoholic. I had a really bad home life, actually it was very violent.

When I came to Goldbridge I had nothing, and I mean nothing. Now I have everything back. Without Goldbridge giving me the tools to survive in day-to-day life, I wouldn’t have anything new; in fact, I would probably be dead. Goldbridge saved my life, and my family is also very grateful to Goldbridge. Life just gets better and better.

NF, 2005

I was a 12-year-old when I first started drinking. I just wasn’t coping in general with what was going on around me.

I have so much gratitude towards the staff at Goldbridge. They have given me unconditional ongoing support. My life has changed completely; I know that if I hadn’t of gone through the program at Goldbridge that I would have been a suicide statistic. I am extremely grateful.

TF, 2005

By the age of 13 I had my first drink. The ones I loved around me seemed insignificant anymore, I needed to get alcohol and that was all that mattered.

Without Goldbridge and without the support staff that helped me out and after the program as well – through the halfway systems well – now I have the opportunity to do what I really want to do with my life.

Goldbridge has definitely saved my life. It’s been the only place that I have come through recovery that has really given me the skills I need to cope with life. My family is very supportive, I’ve great friends and great support from Goldbridge – it is all such a positive experience.

JM, 2005

I am an alcoholic and an addict. I started drinking at a very early age – before my teens.

My overriding emotions when I came to Goldbridge were that I was useless, worthless, and gutless.

Goldbridge trusted me and that was the first big step. Goldbridge gave me the support when I needed it and everybody else had given up. I learnt that I have a future – and that future is now and that I am really enjoying it.

CM, 2005