The nominal duration of the Goldbridge TC program is 6 months, however there are structured exit points at one month, and 4 months where people can review their progression and current needs.

The Goldbridge Residential Program is based on the Therapeutic Community model – a treatment program in which the community itself, through self-help and mutual support, is the principle means for promoting change.

Residents attend group therapy sessions for the duration of the residential program to address the underlying issues that have resulted in problematic AOD use.

A range of biopsychosocial education groups are also provided which aim to provide all residents with knowledge about the nature of addiction and co-occurring mental ill health.

Goldbridge employs a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals, including people in the fields of psychology, community work, nursing and education, as well as Goldbridge graduates who have gone through certification in AOD and Mental Health.

For further information about the residential program, please visit the FAQs page.

To apply for the program, please read our Intake/Assessment page.